Godmanchester French Tuition

French Tuition Godmanchester Huntingdon

French Tuition from Sylvie, a native French speaker with over ten years teaching experience able to deliver a range of French tuition levels here in Godmanchester.

If you are looking for a French tutor in Godmanchester, have a desire to learn or perfect a foreign language, call Sylvie on 01480 354591 or make an enquiry by clicking here

All sessions are flexible to accommodate the needs of the learner – whether you are a student, business professional or a future explorer!

  • Beginner

Introduction to French, ideal for beginner students and learning basic phrases.
Beginner tuition is ideal for anyone new to the French language, or with little to no knowledge of words and phrases. Tuition is relaxed and varied, with a focus on pronunciation.

  • Intermediate

Speaking French, ideal for GCSE students, A-Level students and learning advanced phrases.
The intermediate level is aimed at the majority of learners that have a little understanding of French who would like to take that to the next level. Sessions focus on developing vocabulary, introducing advanced phrases and improving grammar accuracy.

  • Advanced

Becoming fluent in French, ideal for university students and business professionals.
This level of tuition is normally given to students looking to achieve fluency in French. Sessions target any weaknesses and introduce specialist vocabulary and phrases. Culture, regional differences and idiomatic expressions are all covered.

Read more here www.localfrenchtuition.co.uk



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