Rocking Horse Day Nursery

All Change! Rocking Horse Nursery becomes Clarence House Preschool Godmanchester

Rocking Horse nursery becomes Clarence House Preschool from 1st September 2014From 1st September 2014 Rocking Horse Nursery will convert to the preschool for Clarence House, Godmanchester. Our existing building on The Causeway will become just a nursery for 0 to 3 year olds.

With the success of Clarence House Godmanchester, especially since gaining an Ofsted “Outstanding” rating, there has been a huge increase in demand. To accommodate everyone it was agreed with parents that the best way forward would be to split the preschool from the rest of the nursery.

The Rocking Horse building is large with excellent outside space for older children to run around. Pick up and drop off will still be available from The Causeway for preschool children. Meals will be prepared at the nursery and transported to the preschool so we can now offer hot food at both settings. Jo Mackenzie will be the overall manager with Sarah Emmons supporting her at the preschool.

Read more about our preschool here.


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